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Maxor National Pharmacy Company is a leader in innovative pharmacy and drug solutions. Its divisions handle all aspects of the pharmacy industry including pharmacy benefit management, pharmacy and 340B management, pharmacy staffing, mailorder pharmacy services, pharmacy audits, self funded benefit plans, and digital solutions that continue to lead the industry.
Visit the divisions section below for more information about each of Maxor's divisions and how they can benefit you, your employees, your patients, and your private practice. For questions, please contact a Maxor representative.

Founded by pharmacists and run by pharmacists ever since, Maxor will transform the way you think about pharmacy and healthcare services. Comprised of eight divisions (MaxorPlus, Maxor Pharmacies, Maxor Administrative Services, Maxor Specialty, IV Solutions, Maxor Correctional Pharmacy Services, Maxor Pharmacy Mangement & Consulting, and PickPoint), we offer impactful solutions that are customizable, comprehensive and cost-effective.
Our leadership, innovative spirit and creativity is what has made Maxor – and our corporate clients and partners – a success for more than 88 years.

Maxor Divisions


Whether through our mail-order service or specialty pharmacy, MaxorPlus gives you many ways ot quickly, easily and accurately fill a new prescription or refill an existing one. VISIT DIVISION

Maxor Pharmacies offers you many different solutions to your prescription medication refill needs. These services are supported by our A+ rated MaxorPlus Pharmacy Benefit Management services. VISIT DIVISION

We provide treatment and support for you and your family member(s) in your home or alternate site location for many therapies, services, and complex disease states. These include: IV Anti-infectives, Enteral Nutrition, Inhalation, Chemotherapy, Factor Products, TPN, and more. VISIT DIVISION

Because life doesn't stand still when you're receiving therapy, have your chronic injectables or specialty medications conveniently delivered to your home, doctor's office, or work location on time, every time. VISIT DIVISION

Experience the convenience, cost savings and exceptional service from our dedicated staff of professionals. At Maxor Administrative Services (MAS), we make understanding and accessing the healthcare benefits easy. VISIT DIVISION

Get the results you expect while dispensing quality care to inmates with Maxor Correctional Pharmacy Services. Drawing on more than eight decades of innovation and integrity, we have become one of the nation's largest correctional pharmacy providers. VISIT DIVISION

We can help you evaluate existing systems, implement changes and support ongoing operations. Expertise in 340B purchasing, workflow and pharmacy design will enable you to dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of medication delivery. VISIT DIVISION


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About Maxor

Maxor National Pharmacy Services Company LLC has provided patients and corporate clients with pharmacy and healthcare services since 1926. The services offered by Maxor are custom to the client, comprehensive to each patient, and cost effective for all parties. The seven divisions that comprise Maxor National Pharmacy Services Company LLC are MaxorPlus, Maxor Pharmacies, Maxor Administrative Services, IV Solutions, Maxor Specialty, Maxor Correctional, Maxor Pharmacy Management, and Pickpoint.

Each of these divisions specializes in different aspects of the healthcare industry including pharmacy benefit management services, pharmacy management and 340b consulting, specialty/IV medications, correctional institution pharmacy management, and innovative technological advancements in the healthcare industry. Maxor has regional offices in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Washington, and Washington D.C.

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Maxor has pioneered many technological advancements in the pharmacy industry and continues to devote resources to providing the best experience for patients and corporate clients alike. Priding itself on customer service, Maxor has an A+ rated customer and client support system. With dedicated helpdesks and customer service call centers, Maxor has become a leader in support for pharmacy staff and patients that might need assistance with any aspect of their prescription benefits.

Patients can access and manage healthcare profiles through responsive mobile web applications as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android. Pharmacy staff can support patients using online portals and integrated software. Maxor is vigilant it its effort to stay ahead of the tech curve in order to provide a better and more secure user experience for our patients and clients. Maxor takes all precautions to secure patient PHI (Protected Health Information) and its employees are HIPAA certified and continuously trained on new government regulations regarding patient health data. The company has an ecosystem of confidentiality and service to patients and clients.

Maxor National Pharmacy Services Company LLC has a long standing history of innovation and excellence in the healthcare industry and continues to provide top rate service to all of its clients, members, and patients.

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Maxor National Pharmacy Services Company is currently seeking a TPA and Regulatory Compliance Officer for its Pharmacy Benefit...


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Maxor National Pharmacy Services Corp has an immediate opening for a Windows System Administrator in its downtown corporate office....

Amarillo, TX

Maxor National Pharmacy Services Corp has an immediate opening for a Senior Windows System Administrator in its downtown corporate...

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Compassionate, customer service oriented pharmacist-in-charge needed for a new clinic-based pharmacy located within the Callen-Lorde...

Huntington, WV

Applications are currently being accepted for FULL Time Pharmacy Technician to work within the Marshall Pharmacy. Marshall...

Washington, D.C.

Maxor National Pharmacy Services Corporation is seeking one full time & one part time, compassionate, customer service oriented...

Amarillo, TX

MaxorPlus is currently seeking a Full-time Customer Service Representative for our Call Center who aspires to excel in his/her role by...

Amarillo, TX

We are currently seeking a Full-time Customer Service Representative for our Mail Order Pharmacy who aspires to excel in his/her role by...

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Callen-Lorde Community Health Center provides sensitive, quality health care and related services targeted to New York’s lesbian, gay,...

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Seeking a Pharmacy Support Specialist in Miami, FL to support a hospital-based outpatient pharmacy system.  This position will be...

Amarillo, TX

Maxor National Pharmacy Services, headquartered in Amarillo, TX, is currently seeking a Desktop Administrator at our downtown corporate...

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